Contains all Annex I and II cargoes (bulk liquid chemicals and petroleum products allowed for transportation on tank ships)

Far above 10.000 cargoes, but easy to find by their names and synonyms

  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Tank cleaning recipes for cleaning to next cargo
  • Special recipes for Clean Petroleum products (CPP) Trade
  • Selection of alternative cleaners
  • MSDS data, Hazards and prevention measures
  • Exposure limits and measurment tubes for toxic vapour cargoes
  • MARPOL requirements
  • IBC Code requirements
  • Tank coating compatibility
  • US Coast Guard compatibility requirements for adjacent cargoes
  • FOSFA, NIOP, EU and CIQ previous cargo acceptance requirements
  • Stowage data (Voyage and Discharge temp, Heating requirements)
  • MIRACLE tank cleaning guide and cargo handbook is updated at regular intervals.
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