Cleaning Seminar

ChemServe Miracle - Login Screen

  • MIRACLE Cleaning Seminar updated!

    MIRACLE Cleaning Seminar has been updated and appears in a new design.
    Now a Search function is included.
    It gives answers to all questions about tank cleaning.
    The Cleaning Seminar provides the entire theoretical background of tank cleaning.
    It explains the Cleaning Process, reminds about Safety and gives answers to FAQ’s in Troubleshooting next to many other subjects.
    It can be used as a training and learning tool for newcomers or as reference book for more experienced people.

  • Interactive Tank Cleaning Plan available!

    A comprehensive Tank Cleaning Plan can be composed by MIRACLE.
    All relevant information for the cleaning from one cargo to another cargo will be retrieved and displayed.
    Requirements from CDI, SIRE, ISGOTT and CTSG are considered.

    Watch tutorial video for more details:

  • Stainless Steel included

    Coating compatibility check includes now also most common stainless steel types.

  • Cleaner Selection released!

    A new feature has been added to MIRACLE, that will help you to find alternative cleaners. Cleaning chemicals from major suppliers can be selected from a database.

    The video will explain how alternative cleaners can be found easily.

  • Tips arrived!

    Detailed explanation for each MIRACLE Module available. This is helpful tool for new users. But also experienced users probably don’t know each module. By clicking into the box next to Show Tips In the headline the tips are displayed.

    Image showing new Tips & Tutorial section
  • Private Notes available!

    Private data such as company cleaning procedures and cargo handling procedures can be entered for each cargo and shared within customers organisation. Private data can be entered as of now by all subscribers without add charges

    Image showing new private note section
  • New design online!

    New design in sync with MIRACLE client.

    Improved cargo search function.

    CPP/DPP cleaning recipes with all detailed cargo requirements from HM 50 guidelines.

    Direct links into cleaning seminar (theoretical background).

    Image showing new miracle design
Search for Cargo


  1. While you type in the search bar a list of hits appears.
  2. Pick your cargo from the list. Hit enter in case it does not appear yet.
  3. If Miracle cannot find it, spell-check your search terms and make sure they are accurate.
  4. If you still cannot find your cargo, contact